AC Repair in Houston

contractor working on a wall unitHomeowners all over the globe are tasked with taking care of many different kinds of maintenance problems on a regular basis. Because every home needs some type of special care from time to time, it is also important that the owner and their family members know what to expect. From making sure the dishwasher runs without breaking down to repairing electrical problems that need to be repaired, the maintenance in any home can be overwhelming at times.

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So, for those of you who are interested in knowing some of the most common air conditioning service problems that people normally contact their local HVAC professionals about, here are 5 repairs that take the top spot on air conditioning repair list.

1 – Neglected Regular Maintenance Schedules – Helps these Systems to be Reliable

When the weather changes from cool to warm to hot, the air conditioner is no longer a luxury in the home today. In fact, for those who live in extremely hot environments, an Energy efficient air conditioning unit with High-quality workmanship is a necessity that the family must have in order to survive. Because each air conditioning unit requires a certain amount of maintenance to run properly throughout the season, neglecting a regular schedule of maintenance is normally a recipe for encountering problems like downtime. So, when a homeowner does not get this work done in advance, they can expect small to significant issues to surface and cause headaches that will require a technician to repair the damage via the warranties that the owner has available.

2 – Moisture Inside of the Air Conditioning System and having access to the best air conditioning repair services

The makers of many NATE Certification air conditioning units have designed their fully featured systems with the reduction of moisture in mind. Meaning moisture cannot build up in the system over time. To address these concerns, these system have central drain line funnels in their design so that excess moisture is pushed to the outside of the home. However, if the drain line is clogged, the water from the air conditioning will begin to create a pool inside of the system. When this problem occurs, it will lead to number of different problems including corrosion, poor indoor air quality, mold, mildew and may also have the potential of creating electrical issues. To take care of these problems, the homeowner will need an experienced professional in the industry to complete the repairs so that the problems are quickly corrected. Even if the air conditioning unit is correctly sized to your needs, the technician will need to address routine repairs that they find in thermostats and in dehumidifiers so that the owner and their families will not suffer any unnecessary health issues or concerns.

3 – Overused and Overworked Lennox, Armstrong, Concord, Trane and American AC Units

When the weather is really hot during the summer time, to keep comfortable, the family may run their air conditioning units all of the time. Unfortunately, this continuous usage and drain on the system can cause severe damage. So, for those owners that want to keep this problem from happening, it is best to contact the professionals to assist with helpful advice so that home comfort issues are addressed properly, specifically before the leading brands available unit stops and it cannot be turned on again without major repairs being performed.

4 – Air Conditioning Unit is Not Sized Properly

When a homeowner or a professional in this industry installs a unit, one of the first things that they will need to do is determine which size unit will work best for that specific area and zoning. Because the space can vary greatly, finding the right size is essential to keeping down maintenance and repair problems. For instance, if the unit is too small to handle a big room, the air-conditioning system may break because of the added pull and the absence of great value in its overall technology. Again, when a professional air conditioning technician comes onsite, one of the first things that they will do is survey the space so that they can recommend an upgraded SEERS energy efficiency unit to avoid unnecessary problems and repairs.

5 – Faulty Wiring

Another common problem surfaces during the hot season is problems with the wiring. Normally, this problem begins to come to light when a handyman or unlicensed contractor installs the AC. In some cases, these professionals may not be familiar at all with the safety issues and protocol that needs to be followed. So, they may install faulty wiring that will need to be replaced. An example of this kind of problem is noticing the family making constant trips to the circuit breaker.

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