5 Reasons You Need a Whole House Air Purification System in Houston

July 5, 2020

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An excellent way to improve indoor air quality and your overall comfort indoors is with a whole house air purification system for a Houston area home. A whole house air filter works more effectively than a furnace filter, trapping and locking dust, airborne dirt, pet hair and dander, pollutants, residual cigarette smoke, air pollution residues, and other such irritants.

If you’re considering a whole house air purification system for a Houston area home but aren’t sure if it’s the right solution for you and your family, note 5 quick reasons why such a filter is a great choice for your house. You can then discuss the best filter type for your space with a Houston HVAC company and know that your home’s indoor environment is clean and hygienic and safe for everyone in the home.

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1. Reduce Pollutants With a Houston Whole House Air Purification System

Some individuals and families create the risk for poor indoor air quality through their everyday lifestyles or habits. For example, burning candles or incense inside the home, smoking, and pets all typically mean added indoor air pollution. Homes near production facilities, warehouses, busy highways, and construction sites also tend to see higher levels of dust and dirt in the home. Cooking with pungent foods such as garlic, onions, peppers, and other such items also might mean unpleasant, lingering odors trapped in carpets and other surfaces.

Note that, even if you smoke cigarettes outside the home, residual smoke and ash might cling to your clothes and hair and then get scattered around the home once you step indoors. Pets are always shedding hair and dander even if groomed regularly, while food smells and other such odors are difficult to remove from carpets, tile, and drywall. If any of these scenarios describe your home and family, a whole house air purification system in Houston can mean a cleaner, fresher environment free of airborne pollutants and unpleasant odors!

2. Breathe Easier with an Air Filtration System in Houston

The body has natural filters for trapping dust and airborne irritants when you breathe, keeping the lungs and respiratory system clean and healthy. However, this doesn’t mean that those filters couldn’t use a bit of help! A whole house air purification system for a Houston area home traps lots of airborne irritants so that your lungs, sinuses, and other systems don’t need to work so hard to breathe.

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Many people who choose a whole house air purification system for a Houston area home find that they suffer from fewer sinus infections and irritations, get fewer stuffy noses, and just breathe easier overall. Improved breathing can mean better sleep and even more energy throughout the day, both of which are excellent reasons to invest in a whole house air purification system for a  Houston area home!

3. Avoid Health Flare-ups With a Houston Air Filtration System

While everyone in the family will enjoy easier breathing with a whole house air purification system for a Houston area home, it’s especially vital to consider improved air quality if anyone in the family struggles with asthma, allergies, and other such health issues. While poor indoor air quality might not actually cause allergies or asthma, dust and other airborne irritants can certainly irritate these conditions! A person might not even realize that they’re allergic to dust, pollen, pet dander, and other irritants until you install an air filter and remove those residues from the air.

Choosing a Houston air filtration system for your home can mean fewer asthma attacks, allergy flare-ups, and other such issues for anyone in the family struggling with breathing disorders. Not only will your family members typically breathe more easily despite their health concerns, you might even lower your overall medical costs by investing in a whole house air purification system for a  Houston area home!

4. Houston Air Filtration Systems Reduce Wear and Tear on Appliances

When your home’s furnace or central air conditioner cycles on, those appliances push air through the furnace filter. That filter traps some dirt and dust, but many such filters are underpowered and ineffective at removing high levels of airborne pollution and especially germs, bacteria, and other such particles. The more dust and pollutants in the air, the harder your home’s HVAC system works to push heated or cooled air through that filter and the home’s ductwork, resulting in added wear and tear on the furnace and AC unit.

A whole house air purification system for a  Houston area home also means less dust settling on moving parts inside HVAC appliances as well as the home’s ductwork. Dust and other debris interfere with the proper function of your home’s furnace and air conditioner, so that those appliances then work harder to create heated or cooled air and push it through the home’s ducts. A whole house air purification system in Houston can mean less wear and tear on HVAC appliances, resulting in fewer repair bills and a longer lifespan for your HVAC system.

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5. Prolong Building Materials With a Whole House Air Filter in Houston

As with your home’s HVAC appliances, layers of dust and dirt settling on carpets, drywall, tile flooring, and other surfaces tend to wear away those materials, creating a dirty look while also shortening their lifespan. Your household vacuum cleaner can remove only so much of all that dirt and debris, which gets ground into carpet fibers and tile floors the more you walk over those surfaces.

The more dirt and debris ground into your home’s porous floor tile and countertop materials, drywall, ceiling tiles and especially textured surfaces, and other such materials, the more old and faded their appearance. All that dirt and dust also wears down carpet fibers, paint, tile sealants, and other materials, leading to early damage.

To keep surfaces looking their best and avoid otherwise unnecessary cleaning costs, repairs, and replacement, invest in a whole house air purification system for a  Houston area home! You’ll breathe easier and your entire house will be cleaner throughout the year with a new air filter for your Houston area home.

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