8 Warning Signs You’ll Need Heating Installation In Houston This Year

March 25, 2019

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No homeowner wants to think about the expense of new heating installation for a Houston home, but a high-quality furnace in good repair is vital for keeping you and your family comfortable through chilly Texas winters. Replacing your furnace when needed also means avoiding expensive and unexpected furnace repairs for a Houston home and working your heating installation costs into your home improvement budget easily.

Signs that you’ll need furnace installation this year include:

  • The age of your current furnace
  • Rising heating bills
  • Insufficient heating
  • Frequent repairs
  • Odd noises from the furnace
  • A yellow flame on your gas furnace
  • Tripping of circuit breakers

Even if your home’s current furnace is functional, you might note 8 warning signs that you’ll be facing heating installation for a Houston home this year. You can then work this expense into your budget and ensure your home always has a high-quality furnace keeping you warm no matter the weather!

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1. The age of your current Houston furnace

The major parts of even the best-quality name brand furnace will likely break down beyond repair after about 10 or 15 years. In some cases, manufacturers might not even make replacement parts for certain outdated models! Once an older furnace with discontinued parts breaks down, it then needs replacing.

If your home’s furnace is at least 10 years old, count on heating installation for a Houston home this year or sometime in the next few years to come. If your Houston residential furnace is 15 years old or older, plan on buying a new residential furnace as soon as possible!

2. An increase in heating bills

If you’ve noticed an increase in your heating bills over the past few years, you are probably ready for new furnace installation for a Houston home. Worn and damaged parts in an older furnace often need more power to operate, leading to increased energy bills. Not only are those parts likely to fail sometime soon, but a new furnace in a Houston home is likely more energy-efficient than an older furnace, resulting in lower heating costs and less wasted energy every winter.

3. Frequent furnace repairs in a Houston home

Frequent furnace repairs in a Houston home indicate that a furnace, and potentially your entire HVAC system, is failing and needs replacement. One or two Houston residential furnace repairs might be expected for a residential heating system, but if you’ve found that your home’s furnace has been failing consistently over the past year, it’s time to invest in new heating installation for your Houston home! Don’t keep throwing your money away on an old furnace but invest in a new furnace installation in Houston as soon as possible.

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4. Strange noises

A Houston furnace might make a slight hissing or “whooshing” noise as it pushes air from the heating unit through the home’s ductwork, and this slight noise doesn’t necessarily signal a problem. However, if your Houston furnace makes a banging, popping, thumping, grinding, or other loud and unusual sound, this could indicate that the appliance is nearing the end of its expected lifespan.

Many such loud sounds also indicate that certain major parts of a furnace are breaking down and beyond repair. Rather than continuously fixing or replacing those parts, have any unusual noises checked by a furnace repair contractor in Houston and be prepared for new heating installation Houston.

5. Heating is intermittent or insufficient

As a Houston residential furnace begins to break down permanently, its internal parts might struggle to produce sufficient amounts of heat or push heated air through the appliances and ductwork of the home. In turn, you might need to adjust the thermostat constantly, or you might find that some rooms remain cold while others are too warm! Intermittent or insufficient heat might be more noticeable at night, when temperatures drop and a furnace needs to work even harder to keep your home warm.

6. Any flame color but blue

If you have a gas furnace, note the flame over the pilot light ignition. A Houston gas furnace should produce a blue flame, which indicates proper burning of the fuel in the furnace. Any color other than a strong, bright blue indicates that the fuel in the appliance is not burning cleanly and efficiently.

It’s also vital to note the color of the flame from your furnace as a yellow flame can indicate a carbon monoxide leak from your furnace! Call a furnace repair contractor in Houston if your gas furnace produces a flame any color but blue, and do this right away if your furnace has a yellow flame over the ignition on the pilot light.

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7. The circuit breaker frequently trips

An older electric furnace might need more power to operate, and drawing this added power often causes the home’s circuit breaker to trip. An electrician or furnace repair contractor in Houston can check if the wiring to the furnace is old and frayed; if the wiring is intact and in good repair, it’s time to consider new heating installation for a Houston home! Tripping circuits is very damaging to a furnace and inconvenient for you, so consider new furnace installation if your old furnace keeps turning off its circuit breaker.

8. You’re not well during wintertime

Many people get a bit tired and depressed during wintertime, but in some cases, your symptoms could be more serious than just wintertime blues! An older furnace can develop cracks along the heat exchange outside the appliance, allowing carbon monoxide to escape and build up in the home.

When carbon monoxide collects in a building, occupants often suffer headaches, dizziness, a burning sensation in the eyes, nausea, fatigue, and other similar symptoms. If you have these symptoms and know you’re healthy but your furnace is quite old, have a furnace repair contractor note if you need heating installation in your Houston home. This will ensure your family’s health and also ensure everyone’s comfort through another cold Texas winter.

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