Germicidal UV Light System Installation for a Houston Home

September 6, 2020

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If you’re a homeowner looking to ensure a safe and hygienic space for yourself and your family, consider a germicidal UV light system installation for your Houston home. Germicidal lights are very different than standard lights and offer a safe, inexpensive way of creating cleaner surfaces in your home’s kitchen, bathrooms, nursery, and anywhere else it’s needed.

Knowing a bit more about germicidal UV light system installations, including how they work and how they’re installed, can help any homeowner decide if they’re the right choice for their home. Note, too, that a Houston HVAC company can answer your direct questions about these lights and if they might be beneficial in your home!

What Are Germicidal UV Light System Installations for a Houston Home?

Before you invest in a germicidal UV light system installation for your Houston home, it’s good to note how they work. Ultraviolet or UV lights, in large amounts, cause sunburns on human skin. In small amounts, UV lights are perfectly safe for humans and cause little to no skin damage; however, even in small amounts they’re deadly for microscopic germs, bacteria, viruses, certain toxins, and other such contaminants.

germicidal UV light system installation Houston

Because these UV lights in small amounts are safe for humans but deadly for toxins, they’re an excellent choice for areas where you need to ensure cleanliness but where germs and bacteria abound. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, and other such spaces. Adding a germicidal UV light system installation for your Houston home means not having to use bothersome sprays and irritating chlorine bleach, or having to constantly wipe down countertops and other such spaces.

Many germicidal UV light system installation for your Houston home are also connected to a home’s ductwork and HVAC system. This helps kill airborne germs and other toxins before they get circulated throughout your house! In turn, those with allergies, breathing disorders, and other sensitivities enjoy a cleaner, healthier environment in the home.

Along with healthier breathing, remember that irritants like mold and mildew often create very bothersome odors in the home. Covering those odors with sprays can result in even more unpleasant smells and headaches for those with sensitivities! Lighting candles can also mean releasing smoky toxins in the air, while a germicidal UV light system installation for your Houston home eliminates those odors altogether.

How Germicidal UV Light Systems Are Installed In a Houston Home

Most germicidal UV light system installation for a Houston home are attached to the HVAC system. Note that both heated and cooled air are pushed through the furnace filter before that air is blown through the ductwork and vents in the home.

Attaching a germicidal UV light to this system not only kills airborne germs and bacteria in the home but this also means killing mold spores and other toxins building up around the heating and AC units. Note that the air conditioner coil tends to get wet as the appliance cycles on, which encourages mold growth while also trapping germs and other irritants along its surface.

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Some germicidal UV light systems are not hardwired, meaning they attach to the home’s HVAC system but don’t need to be wired into that system. This allows for a DIY installation for many lighting types. However, plug-in types might be less reliable and might need replacing more often than hardwired systems, which require installation by an HVAC contractor in Houston.

Is a Germicidal UV Light System Installation Worth the Cost?

Germicidal and air sanitizing lights typically average anywhere from $60 to $400 per system, depending on how many lights are needed and if you choose professional installation. Most will cost around $45 to $80 per year to operate; this includes your electrical costs and the cost of replacement bulbs.

Most homeowners who’ve chosen a germicidal UV light system installation for a Houston home have stated that their installation costs are well worth the benefits! Not only do these lights mean a healthier home environment but note that they also reduce the risk of clogged drainage tubes inside a home’s air conditioner while also reducing wear and tear on the entire HVAC system. In turn, a germicidal UV light system installation for your Houston home is an investment in your HVAC system itself, even extending its expected lifespan, leading to fewer repairs and less need for replacement.

Added Tips for Ensuring Healthy Air Quality in a Home

A germicidal UV light system installation for your Houston home is probably one of the best choices for ensuring healthier, cleaner air throughout the house. However, even with a germicidal or air purifying light, there are many other choices a homeowner can make to keep the home’s interior clean and hygienic.

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Heated and cooled air are both pushed through the furnace filter before it circulates throughout the home, as said. Investing in a high-quality filter and changing it often helps trap and lock dirt, dust, pet hair and dander, soot, and other such irritants. If you smoke, have pets, or live in a dusty air, change that filter every month; otherwise, change it no less than every three or four months during seasons when you use the HVAC system.

As air inside the home might contain germs, bacteria, and other irritants, fresh air helps keep your interior environments clean. If you keep your home’s windows open but live in an area with lots of dust, pollen, and other such irritants, invest in window screens with a very small mesh. That smaller mesh allows in fresh air while blocking outside irritants, leading to a cleaner indoor environment.

It’s also vital that homeowners clean and maintain the home’s ductwork, sealing off leaks and gaps. Those openings allow in dirt, dust, pollen, and other toxins and irritants. Have the home’s ducts tested every few years, to check for rust, corrosion, damaged connectors, and other gaps needing sealing.

Keeping pets clean and their fur trimmed and groomed also means far less airborne pet hair and dander! A clean fireplace also means less soot settling in the home. Along with a germicidal UV light system installation for your Houston home, these simple steps keep the home clean and hygienic and safe for everyone in the family.


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