How Not to Get Ripped Off on Air Conditioning Repair in Houston

October 29, 2019

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While residential air conditioning repair in Houston can be costly at times, it’s vital that every home have a functioning AC unit during long, hot Texas summers. A homeowner would also do well to understand the mechanics of their AC unit so they know what to expect by way of repairs bills from an air conditioning company and so they can better explain issues with the unit to their air conditioning contractor.

Why You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Houston

An air conditioner unit is air-cooled; the system uses a refrigerant to remove heat from the air before it is blown into your home through air registers, or vents. Most homes and light commercial spaces use air-cooled air conditioning systems. 

And evaporator coil is a long metal tube inside the AC unit. When the high-pressure refrigerant begins to travel through this coil, it turns into a gas and eliminates the heat from the surrounding air. From there, the cool, low pressure gas travels to the compressor.

The air conditioner compressor condenses this refrigerant into a hot, high-pressure gas and then pushes it through the condenser coil. Once the condenser coil captures that hot air, it releases it outside so it can dissipate. Along the way, fans within the system blow cooled air up through ductwork into vents. This is how interior spaces ultimately receive refreshing, cold air. 

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The Importance of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance in Houston

Maintaining your air conditioning unit will extend the life of your system and make it easier for your technician to diagnose larger issues. Some simple Houston air conditioner maintenance items include:

  • Cleaning or replacing filters regularly. This should be done bi-annually; once before the cooling season and once before the heating season. Make sure you purchase a new filter with the correct air flow rating, or call an air conditioner contractor in Houston to replace the filter for you. 
  • Keep the coils clean. As we just learned, the coils in your air conditioner are vital components; keeping them free of dust and debris will guarantee the coldest air possible. This includes the “fins” or small metal combs covering the coils. If these fins begin to bend over time, a technician can replace them easily. 
  • Check the condensate drain. As the hot gas is released outdoors, it will condensate. The drain connected to your outside structure collects this water but can clog if not checked regularly. If this drain seems to be clogged or obstructed, call an air conditioning repair company in Houston for a cleaning.

How Often Should You Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance in Houston

The most important way to keep your Houston air conditioning unit going strong is to schedule a routine maintenance through a professional air conditioning company. They will be sure that your unit is running efficiently, therefore protecting your investment and comfort.

In areas where the heat is a concern, you may want to have your HVAC repair company in Houston come out at least twice during the year; your air conditioning may be running the majority of the year and will likely need more maintenance than locations where the seasons change more dramatically. In addition, older systems may need maintenance more often, as well as units that are ready for replacing.  

What to Look For in an AC Repair Company in Houston

As with most repair services, there are often several air conditioning repair companies in Houston to choose from, so how can you decide between them? Use the following guidelines to steer you towards the best fit in HVAC or air conditioning repair in Houston:

  • Availability. Can the service technicians to fit you into their schedule? Quality companies ensure their customers are taken care of promptly. Do they prioritize your emergency? Do they make you feel like they are happy to fit you in? The availability or even the attitude towards your schedule usually means efficiency and organization within a company’s service department. 
  • Warranties. A company that is confident in its work will stand behind it with a minimum warranty so you shouldn’t have to worry about costs in the near future. If there is no warranty in place, the possibility that the work is done incorrectly climbs drastically. 
  • Reputation. Word-of-mouth reputation is probably the best form of referral you can get for a Houston air conditioning repair company. Online reviews are often extremely positive or extremely negative and it’s hard to gauge a company in full that way. Knowing someone personally that has used a company and was happy with their work is a great place to start instead. 
  • Licenses. Licenses are required for a contractor to operate in accordance with each state’s guidelines; these licenses are designed to protect the consumer, so make sure your company is licensed! They should have their license number prominently displayed on their website, trucks, business cards, and elsewhere. You can also ask about their license when you call as well. 

What About Furnace Repair in Houston?

HVAC repair companies do both heating and cooling repairs. In addition to air conditioning service in Houston, if you have central heating, you should be aware of impending furnace repair costs as well.

The most expensive and important aspect of Houston furnace maintenance is regular cleaning. Dust and dirt can inhibit the heat flow of your unit easily, making it extremely inefficient. The main components that need cleaning include the inside fans and other moving parts, the outside, the blower, and the pilot light and/or ignition. Hiring a professional to do Houston furnace repair and maintenance is the safest bet to keeping your unit working correctly. 

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When You Need Air Conditioning Installation in Houston

If you know how your appliances work, you can make a plan with your local air conditioning and HVAC repair companies in Houston to maintain your expensive investment. While it may cost more to install a new central AC unit, there are several reasons why it is a wise decision; for one, a new unit is more energy efficient than several portable units. It’s also quieter throughout the building, is hidden from view, and is an overall asset in the home’s value. 

Some steps to saving money with air conditioning include a programmable thermostat, based on your region’s temperatures and the hours your building is actually occupied. Central AC units are also safer because they’re not open to the outside like a window unit, and are much more efficient because they eliminate hot air instead of circulating it. 

Finding the right company for air conditioning repair in Houston adds great value to your house. Don’t get ripped off due to your inability to understand what a technician explains to you; ultimately they are there to help you. Your HVAC ductwork, furnace and all of the associated components are easy to manage when you’ve done the research and settled on the right companies. 

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