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At Total HVAC Houston, we take pride in giving every customer the air conditioning repair in The Woodlands and surrounding cities that meet and exceed every expectation out there. We guarantee all of our AC repair services in Houston and beyond, and if we have a client that seems disappointed in the results we've provided, we stick around and work together until they are satisfied. With over 23 years of experience, we know how important efficiently running air conditioning and heating equipment is to both residential and commercial customers, and when you call us, we don't stop until you have what you need to stay comfortable.

Most of the service calls that we get for air conditioning repair are fairly routine. There are common issues that come up over time with normal wear and tear, and that's where our qualified HVAC contractors start when they get to a location and start evaluating the situation.  When one gentleman called us a couple of years ago, one of our technicians was assigned to the service call, and he headed out prepared for another one of these fairly typical repairs.

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When the HVAC contractor got to the home, it was obvious right from the start that this wasn't going to be one of those calls that he was used to getting. To start with, the air conditioner was one that should have been replaced years prior. It was clear that it was sucking up a lot of energy, and the home still wasn't being cooled properly.

The honest contractor sat with this client for quite some time explaining to him that his equipment was seriously outdated. He discussed with him his options for repair but made it very clear that it wasn't likely that it would hold up for any length of time based on what he was seeing. The man was clearly anxious about the situation and eventually made it a point to tell our compassionate employee that he couldn't buy a new air conditioner because he just couldn't afford it at that point in his life.

We believe that everyone deserves to be safe and comfortable, no matter what their ability to pay is. Our guy stayed and went over every option with him possible before coming up with a customized solution that fit his needs and his budget via AC repair in The Woodlands. A year later we got a call from that same man requesting his new air conditioning installation.

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