Affordable & Thorough Furnace Repairs for Your Houston Homestead

As most people assume, and they're right, the majority of the services that we do at Total HVAC Houston are cooling or air conditioning related. It's because of our geological location, no because of our training, that we do more AC services than any other type. However, with our time in the industry and the dedication we have to serve all of our customer's needs, we've taken the extra steps and training required to do furnace repairs in Houston as well when the need arises.

Of course, it's during the chilly days of winter that these calls start coming in more frequently. Our qualified HVAC contractors are aware of the shift in services that happen as the seasons change, and they prepare by restocking their truck with the appropriate tools and equipment to meet the demands of the various makes and models of furnaces and other heating systems that are out there.

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As a full-service, 24-hour Houston heating and cooling company, it's not uncommon for our clients to call us after hours, on the weekends, or even during the holidays. Just because other businesses are shut down, that doesn't mean that people aren't using their heating and cooling equipment, so we're always ready to go.

A man called us on Christmas Eve last year, and he was telling us how quickly it was getting cold in his home. His furnace appeared to be turning on and off a lot, but it was blowing cold air instead of the warm air he so desperately wanted to stay comfortable. We didn't hesitate to send an HVAC contractor to his house right away. Nobody should suffer through the cold winter temperatures, especially on Christmas Eve!

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Our Total HVAC Houston technician showed up quickly fully-equipped with everything he thought he would need to fix the problem. After a quick investigation, it was obvious that he needed a new filter. A simple fix, but one that so many forget about. We had a filter on the truck and quickly swapped it out. Before we left, the home was getting that warm and fuzzy feeling that happens during the holidays, and the guy was eagerly awaiting the arrival of his children and grandchildren happy that he didn't have to cancel his family dinner plans like he had previously thought would happen. It's another success story we can count on because of our 100% satisfaction guarantee we always stick to.

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