Our Recent Heat Pump Job for a Houston Home

Heat pumps in Houston are a technological advancement in the heating and cooling industry that hasn't always been available. At Total HVAC Houston, we know that this industry is always changing, and we do whatever we have to in order to stay current in the newest products and equipment on the market. When heat pumps were first introduced, we sent several of our HVAC contractors to special training and required additional education and training so that we could feel confident installing, repairing, and maintaining these devices for our customers.

Up until a few years ago, there weren't many residential or commercial clients that knew what heat pumps were or what the benefits of having one was. We would offer the alternative to those that were looking for a new way to heat and cool their homes, but because of the lack of knowledge on the equipment for most of the population, many dismissed the suggestion without much thought put into it.

heat pump repair in Houston home

Then, we met the couple that was ready to do whatever they could to make their dream home the residence that they had been envisioning for so long. They were one of those couples that follow strict eco-friendly living guidelines. The man and woman weren't quite to the point of living off the land yet, but we wouldn't be surprised if that's where they are now. When it came time to swap out their heating and cooling equipment, they were very curious about what the most energy-efficient option was.

While all of our air conditioners, furnaces, and air filtration equipment is some of the best on the market, we haven't found anything that does the job of a heat pump, and that's why our HVAC contractor that was assigned to their service took the extra time to thoroughly explain all the features of these devices.

After discovering that a heat pump would do exactly what they needed at a much lower price with less energy usage monthly, it didn't take them long to jump on board. In just a few days we had the heat pump that they wanted to be delivered to our warehouse and we sent our installation specialists over to complete the HVAC service job in Houston. They sent us their utility bills that first month and a comparison shot of the charges the month before. The heat pump was already starting to pay for itself. They couldn't have been happier.

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