What to Do in Magnolia, TX, This Weekend

March 25, 2020

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Boasting a small town feel with big city amenities, Magnolia, TX, offers residents and visitors lots to see and do every day of the year. The warm Texas weather lets you enjoy outdoor attractions year-round, while the city also offers lots of indoor sights, perfect for cooling off and getting a break from the hot sun.

If you’re planning on visiting the Houston area anytime soon, or already live in and around the city, check out these great things to do in Magnolia, TX, this weekend. You’re sure to find something you’ll love for the whole family or just for yourself and a few friends.

1. The Lone Pint Brewery

The Lone Pint Brewery is a favorite watering hole for Houston area residents, and not just because of their delicious, homemade brews! Nothing is wasted at The Lone Pint Brewery, as all spent grain is fed to local dairy cows, reducing waste and the need to harvest new feed for cattle. The range of beers created at The Lone Pint Brewery are all also full-bodied and flavorful, being brewed onsite and served fresh to customers.

2. The Historic Depot

Offering an eclectic mix of a sawmill, museum, old-fashioned barber shop, and a caboose, The Historic Depot is a great spot for families and kids of all ages. You can tour each area individually and see personally what life was like in Magnolia just a few short decades ago, and learn about the history of the city and its development as well.

3. Unity Park

More than just a park, Unity Park also serves as a wildlife preserve, so you know you’re sure to spot local wildlife while enjoying peace and quiet in this great little area. The 30-acre park also has a skateboard area, tennis court, splash zone for cooling off, and a playground for the youngsters. Bring a picnic lunch and plan on making a day of it when you visit this great spot.

4. The Magnolia Stroll

The Magnolia Stroll is a long connection of artisan booths, restaurants, and other outdoor and area attractions. You can also enjoy galleries along the way, as well as lots of rest stops for maximum comfort! If you’re looking for a great open area market where you can buy everything from fresh food to handmade crafts, be sure to set aside a full day to enjoy The Magnolia Stroll.

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