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About Our Air Filtration Systems & House Air Filters in Houston

Air Filtration Systems in Houston for You and Your Family

When someone you love is struggling with something, you do whatever you can to help them, right? So, if you live with someone that is always having trouble with their allergies, asthma, or other respiratory issues, don't you want to fix it? Of course you do, and so do the experts from Total HVAC Houston with superior air filtration systems in Houston.

You might think that there is nothing wrong with your air quality because you can't see or smell a problem, but our expert HVAC contractors in Houston know better. With over 23 years of experience in the HVAC industry, we know how to do all the testing, inspections, and evaluations to ensure you have the cleanest air possible. When something doesn't appear to be the safest, we will offer you comprehensive, affordable solutions for air filtration systems.
Air Filtration Systems in Houston
Repairs and Maintenance for Air Filtration Systems in Houston

Repairs and Maintenance for Air Filtration Systems & House Air Filters in Houston

Do you already have a residential or commercial air filtration system installed at your residential property? Then you are one step ahead of a lot of consumers. However, like with other HVAC systems in Houston, there are going to be requirements for services and repairs eventually. To keep your air filtration equipment operating correctly at all times, you can have us come and do your air filtration system maintenance including cleaning and inspection to ensure it's all running efficiently. If something isn't working, we will fix it right there on the spot.

There may be a time when you notice that someone in your home is having trouble breathing or perhaps suddenly your skin has become very itchy for apparently no reason at all. That could be a good indication that there's something wrong with your air filtration equipment. Let our qualified technicians come in and take a look. It could be a small HVAC service in Houston that we can do in just a few minutes that will make your home life a lot more comfortable for everyone. Call us today to replace your house air filter!

We Are Your Number One HVAC Specialist in Houston, TX

Air filtration systems and house air filters in Houston aren't something that all HVAC contractors can handle. We want to build a relationship with you, so you can be 100% comfortable calling us for all your requirements for heating and cooling in Houston. That goes beyond working on furnaces and air conditioners though with our top-notch air filtration system installations, maintenance, and repairs. Take advantage of our fast response times and affordable prices. We even offer financing if you qualify!

We are proud supporters of the Wounded Warrior Project. We also offer 10% discounts for seniors, military, and police. 
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They repaired my AC in a timely manner for a price point that made sense. They showed up on time to the appointment, the technician was courteous and willing to answer questions and the company was overall accessible. For these reasons, I feel comfortable recommending them to others.
Travis H.
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