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When you have to call for HVAC services in Tomball, TX, you don't want to have to deal with someone showing up on your property that doesn't treat you with respect. Relax knowing that we only hire contractors that are professional, friendly, and honestly care about your comfort.

Through complete air conditioning services, heating, services, purification installations, and more, we strive to make certain you and your loved ones enjoy every moment spent together at home. We frequently have special offers, so ask about them when you reach out to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

There's no mystery when it comes to the best HVAC in Tomball. It's Total HVAC Houston. Call us now to set up your appointment at (281) 749-1195.
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They repaired my AC in a timely manner for a price point that made sense. They showed up on time to the appointment, the technician was courteous and willing to answer questions and the company was overall accessible. For these reasons, I feel comfortable recommending them to others.
Travis H.
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The Search for HVAC in Tomball Stops Here!

Regardless of what kind HVAC services you need in Tomball, TX, we can do it all!

Tomball's Best Air Conditioning Repair

Start out your air conditioning repair in Tomball with a FREE estimate. We know that these kinds of responsibilities can be stressful for you, so we will keep it as easy as possible. Our friendly staff is always willing to answer all of your questions, so you stay informed.

Custom Air Conditioning Installation in Tomball

What works for your neighbor's air conditioning installation in Tomball isn't necessarily going to work for yours. We will do a complete evaluation of your property to provide you with the most comprehensive solution for your new air conditioning needs.

AC Maintenance for Tomball

Maintenance of your air conditioner is the only thing that's going to make it last. Our dedicated group of professional HVAC technicians will show up to your home to ensure it's operating the way that it's supposed to be. If there's a problem that we notice, we can fix it right away before it becomes too costly.

Tomball's 24 Hour Emergency Heating and Cooling Services

It would be nice if you could plan for heating and cooling emergencies, but that's not going to happen. We understand that things take place outside of normal business hours, and that's why we keep our contractors on call to be dispatched to your location whenever you have an issue.

Heating Repairs in Tomball, TX

Your heating repair may not be noticeable until it becomes something that requires a major fix. You might not understand how the whole system works, but our expert HVAC contractors do. If you think there is something wrong, call on us for an inspection. We will give you honest answers about what heating repairs in Tomball you need.

Tomball's Heating System Installation Contractors

Heating systems need to fit your home, your family, and your budget. We don't ever just give you the heating system installation in Tomball that we want to or the one that's the easiest. You can bet that we spend the time necessary to fully customize the equipment that's going to work best for you for years to come.

Furnace Repairs in Tomball, Texas

Gas and electric furnaces operate differently, and not all HVAC contractors in Houston can handle furnace repairs in Tomball. Before you waste too much time trying to find someone to help you, let us come in and show you what we can do.

The Best Commercial AC Services for Tomball

Your commercial building is likely one that's a lot more complicated than your residence. When it comes to commercial AC services in Tomball, don't get wrapped up in trying to do the repairs, maintenance, or installations yourself. Let us do it so you can spend your valuable time keeping your business running smoothly.

Tomball's Commercial Heating Services

There are horror stories about HVAC companies charging customers for commercial heating services in Tomball that they didn't need. We promise you that we at Total HVAC Houston will never do anything that to you! You will enjoy full transparency of everything we have in mind for your heating and cooling work.

Our Outstanding Total HVAC Houston Repair Professionals are There for You. Receive a Free AC Repair Estimate Today!

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